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21-Oct-2017 05:18

But the ability to change the card a customer has on file is something you’ll likely want to enable for your users.The good news is that updating the customer’s payment source in Stripe is pretty straightforward.

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This table could also store the user’s Stripe customer ID, created when they first registered at your site.Update, May 15: With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has largely addressed the forced updates that often resulted in lost work.And, while the the recent Wanna Cry ransomware does not (thus far) appear to affect Windows 10, you need to make sure your PC is kept up-to-date with security patches to avoid exactly those sort of attacks.When you order, we'll send you everything you need to replace your device.

You should only replace those that do not support our OTT Streaming Partner Apps on X1, which are labeled RNG150 on the front right of the box.The process is almost the exact same as that used to create the customer and store their card details initially, with just a couple of minor changes.

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